Bulova Model 620 Comet – 1959

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Product Description

Here is a Bulova model 620 four transistor radio from 1959.  Bulova sold their radios in jewelry stores, and this model, which was later nicknamed the “Comet” because  of the  shape of  its grill.  This was one of  Bulova’s most popular models.  It is a nice compact size and measures only 6″ wide.

The radio offered here is in  excellent original condition with no repairs or alterations made.  There are no chips or cracks or paint loss to the exterior.  Inside, it is as clean  as the outside.  These were designed to operate on a large 9 volt battery, but a modern one works fine.  This radio is in excellent playing condition pulling AM stations across the band with good volume and tone.

As a bonus, this offering includes the original gift box and all of the paperwork.  These scarce items have survived in excellent condition as well.


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