Clean Zenith Royal 475 – Works Great


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Offered here is a scarce tan version of the Zenith Royal 475 table / portable radio from 1961.  The Royal 475 is a powerhouse of a little radio producing 450 milliwatts while running on 6 AA batteries.  When playing right, they are impressive.  It measures only 6 1/2″ wide and 4″ high.  The performance and the attractive front grill and nameplate make this a desirable and sought after set to add to one’s collection.

When tested, this radio played to my satisfaction* on 6 AA batteries.  The radio is clean inside and out.  Finding stations is easy with the large dial and smooth Vernier tuning.  The grill is without dents or paint loss and the other metal parts are without corrosion.  The plastic cabinet is not perfect, but very nice.  There is one small sliver that has been repaired (pictured).   No static.

*In order to play to my satisfaction, a radio needs to pull AM stations across the dial.  The radio also needs to play with strong volume and clear tone and be a pleasure to listen to.  The high standards I use to rate a radio’s performance assures that it will please you too. 




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