Magnavox AM-2 – 1955 – Works (Save $61)

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Product Description

For the true transistor radio enthusiast, here is one of the first transistor radios introduced:  the Magnavox AM-2.  This 6 transistor hand wired radio was made in the USA (Fort Wayne IN) in 1955.  It measures only 6″ wide and it operates on a single 4 volt battery.

The example offered here is in excellent plus condition with no blemishes to its bright red plastic cabinet or the gold metal grill.  The front and back halves fit together perfectly without gaps.  Inside, there is a label which would indicate that the radio was service by Liberty Music Shop in 1962?  The chassis is clean and the original capacitors were upgraded to modern ones, and when 4 volts of power was applied, the radio responded well playing my local stations with loud volume and nice tone, but I would not expect it to be a great DX’er.

Note:  Later on, a very similar model was made under the Sentinal nameplate.


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