Near Mint Zenith Royal 500 Set


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Product Description

The Royal 500 kicked off the series of radios that would set the standard for years to come. The very first 500’s, like this one, were hand wired pieces of art and historic to the radio world. Measuring in at 6” tall, this pocket radio fit best into coat pockets, but packed an award winning sound and performance that set it apart. This radio was designed to work on four common low-cost AA batteries. But at a cost of $75 in the 1950’s, this was an expensive purchase that was enjoyed mainly by professionals or lucky gift recipients because most consumers could not justify spending the equivalent of a house payment.

The gorgeous radio and accessories offered here are from 1956.  The radio has an excellent scratch-free cabinet. It still has plenty of shine, all of the stamped lettering on the back, plus the quality label. The 7XT40Z1 chassis is serial #75,242 and has been professionally serviced to assure peak performance for years to come, therefore this radio currently earns my highest performance rating.  With its stunning looks and awesome performance, it will be hard to find a nicer maroon hand wired Royal 500 out there.  Includes the case and scarce operating guide, both in excellent condition.   

ID#  Model#   Year   Chassis   Original?   External   Internal   Volume   Tone

633   500RA     1956   7XT40Z1   Recapped      9.5/10        9.5/10         10/10      10/10





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