Maroon Zenith Royal 500


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Beginning around the middle of 1956, the Royal 500 was revised to this 2nd generation 500. The major change outside was larger knobs for easier operation. Inside, a mass-produced printed circuit board chassis replaced the hand wired one to help keep up with the high demand. Zenith added the color white to the black and maroon line up, and for a short time, tan and pink. Tan and pink are scarce and highly sought after by collectors today. Size is 3 ½” wide, 6” tall, and 1 ¾” deep.

Here is a sharp maroon version.  It shows average wear, but no damage to the cabinet.

This is a working radio that only picks up a couple of local stations.  The 7ZT40Z1 chassis is all original.   Listen:  MOV09771


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