Zenith Royal 40 – 1963


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Here is a turquoise Zenith Royal 40 in exceptional condition.  The exterior has no damage and only the faintest signs of wear on the front silver trim.  When this gem was tested, it played to my satisfaction on 2 AA batteries.*  Have a look and listen below.

This beauty measures 4.5” tall and features a clean quality label on the back.  Inside, it is just as clean and the original inspector tag is still folded up inside.

Model#   Year   Original?   External   Internal   Volume   Tone

    40        1963         Yes             10/10          10/10          10/10     10/10

*In order to play to my satisfaction, a radio needs to pull AM stations across the dial.  The radio also needs to play with strong volume and clear tone and be a pleasure to listen to.  The high standards I use to rate a radio’s performance assures that it will please you too. 


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