Mint Zenith Royal 500H – 1962


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Offered here is a rare two-tone example of the fabled Royal 500H with it’s advanced electronics and speaker system in mint condition. The 500H has a distinctive look with its large oval speaker grill which is needed to accommodate the over-sized innovative ceramic speaker. This model has been deemed the “finest sounding pocket radio ever produced” by many collectors………..but if you are reading this, you probably already knew that. The 500H was offered in three color combinations: Ebony, White, and two-tone gray like this one. The two-tone versions seem to have been produced in limited supply, making them the choice of collectors. It measures 3 ½” wide, 6” tall, and 1 ¾” deep and weighs 16.5 ounces. It operates on 4 common AA batteries and has a swing handle/stand which allows it to stand proudly while performing.  When tested it played to my satisfaction.*

As good as these radios perform, there are many things to look for when buying one because they are not the most durable radios. They are prone to having chips where the front and back halves meet on any or all of the four corners. The gold Zenith strip by the tuning and volume knobs will fade or curl or even peal off. The grill can get dented or tarnished over the years, and the gold metal around the grill is prone to blemishes and damage. Almost all examples are missing the “blue dot” insert from the volume knob, and volume pots on these are known to develop dead spots. But these radios were made to be enjoyed, so finding a used working one without these problems is difficult. The example offered here has none of those problems because it is basically unused (except to confirm it’s operating status from time to time).  It has lived in collections it’s entire life, and now is ready for yours. If you require only the finest, this is an opportunity to consider.  Hard as I tried, the pictures just do not do capture the true beauty of this radio.  As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

*In order to play to my satisfaction, a radio needs to pull AM stations across the dial.  The radio also needs to play with strong volume and clear tone and be a pleasure to listen to.  The high standards I use to rate a radio’s performance assures that it will please you too. 







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