Near Mint Zenith Royal 125


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Offered here is a  beautiful Zenith Royal 125 from 1961.  I love this model because it is the only shirt pocket with gear reduced Vernier tuning.  Plus, this has a very attractive gold grill.

I don’t think that you would disagree with me if I stated that this radio was mint, but I try to refrain from using that word.  However, I seriously do not see any signs of use.  When I placed 2 AA batteries inside, it jumped to life.  I give it my highest performance rating.

If you don’t have a Royal 125, this would make a great addition to your collection.  If you do have one, can you ever have too many near mint examples?  Also included is the original operating guide.

Details:  Model# 125L  Year 1961   Chassis  6JT41Z2

Original? Yes   Exterior 9.5/10, Interior 9.5/10, Performance 10/10



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