Near Perfect Black Zenith Royal 500H


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The Royal 500H is reknown for its innovative 3” x 5” extended range speaker that produces a rich tone quality. Tuning is easy with the gear reduced vernier tuner. It measures 3 ½” wide, 6” tall, and 1 ¾” deep and weighs 18 ounces. The radio was offered in two-tone grey, black, or white. Its introductory price in 1961 was $59.95 and it operates on 4 AA batteries.  It is considered by collectors to be the best performing pocket-sized radio out there.

This radio is a real beauty that shows no wear in any of the many suspect areas of this model.  The only thing keeping it from being mint is one tiny chip in the top left corner (pictured).  Nothing more to say about this one.  Just review the pictures to see for yourself and then you can even listen to it here:  DSCN5306



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