New Zenith Royal 50L – 1962


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Offered here is a beautiful example of a Zenith Royal 50L shirt pocket radio. The model L is the third and last version of the popular Royal 50 shirt pocket family. This model is considered an improvement over the first two because of the reverse painted window for the tuner and the tuning dial now is protected with this design, where the previous two had it exposed and easily bumped when you put it into your pocket, thus losing the station.  This third design also has the back snap on without needing a screw.

The set here is complete with the original gift box and accessories. I obtained this on eBay several years ago and it was offered by someone who knew the owner of a Zenith stored that had closed. The box and radio have matching serial numbers.  The box itself is crisp and clean with all the inserts also in excellent condition. The original accessories included are the mint carrying case, unused earphone, and the operator guide. I have added 2 reproduction Zenith Z8 penlight batteries to complete the display, or they can be used to power the radio.

This beautiful radio is in the desirable Ebony Black cabinet with a brilliant gold grill. The cabinet is clean in and out and without scratches. The white trim is without yellowing around the knobs, and there is no wear to the coin slot. The carrying case has never had a radio placed inside, so it is in perfect condition. Inside, the battery box is clean and when tested, the radio played perfectly and as new.  It is a sensitive receiver picking up tons of stations with loud volume and clear tone. It gets my highest performance rating. (Turn your speakers up and have a listen below)

Summary:  Serial # 523,945 Chassis 6KT40Z1, External = 9.5, Internal = 9.5, Performance = 10


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