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This is a nice early Zenith Royal 500 from 1956.  This is the original entry into the transistor radio market for Zenith, introduced in November 1955.  As you know, if you have read my section on Royal 500s these early issues were hand wired pieces of art on a metal chassis.  In mid 1956, Zenith was forced to change to a mass produced printed circuit board chassis just to keep up with the demand for their flagship Royal 500.  That short-lived production run (less than 100,000) of the hand wired units make them in high demand with collectors today.

The Royal 500 does represent the top of the line for coat pocket sized radios.  This beautiful ebony cabinet with gold metal trim is in excellent cosmetic condition.  Inside, the 7XT40 chassis has recently been recapped and now is in great playing condition.  Add to this beautiful playing hand wired Royal 500 its original leather case and operating guide and you have the total package.

This radio is of collector quality with no chips or cracks, and just a couple of light scratches on the back.  The case itself is also in excellent condition with a shiny exterior and no wear to the stitching.  Electronically, it has been professionally recapped and aligned for optimal performance.  The operating guides for these early hand wired radios are scarce, and this is an original.

Details:  ID# 104  Model# 500YA  Year 1956 Chassis 7XT40 Serial# 72,354

Original? Recapped   Exterior 9/10, Interior 9/10, Performance 9/10



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