Near Mint Zenith Royal 500D


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The Zenith Royal 500D is perhaps the best performing of any of the owl eyes.  This Long Distance model enjoyed several performance enhancements over previous models including the addition of an eighth transistor.  And this version made in May of 1959 enjoyed the enhanced cone shaped extended range speaker and convex shaped grill.  Capable of pulling distant stations with ease, the sound is full and rich.  Tuning is easy with the gear reduced Vernier tuner.  It measures 3.5″ wide, 6″ tall, and 1.75″ deep and weighs 16.5 ounces.  The radio was offered in Maroon, White, or Ebony like this one.  It’s introductory  price in 1958 was $75.00.  It operates on 4 AA batteries.

The radio offered here is in near mint condition and has been tested to assure that the performance is just as impressive as it’s looks……..and it is.  Equally impressive is the fact that the chassis is in all original condition with no repairs or alterations.  The Vernier tuner really helps to show off just how sensitive this receiver is.

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Weight 1.9 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 5 in