Nice Zenith Royal 500E


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The Zenith Royal 500E is a fine Long Distance 8 transistor radio capable of pulling distant stations with ease.  This radio has an innovative extended range convex round speaker produces a rich tone quality.  Tuning is easy with the gear reduced Vernier tuner.  It measures 3.5″ wide, 6″ tall, and 1.75″ deep and weighs 18 ounces.  The radio was offered in two-tone grey, black, or white.  It’s introductory  price in 1960 was $59.95.  It operates on 4 AA batteries.

The radio offered here is in excellent cosmetic condition, not easy to find in this model.  The radio’s chassis is all original and in fine playing condition.  Clean in and out.  Sounds good across the AM dial.  The Vernier tuning really helps to show off just how sensitive this receiver is.  Included is the original operating guide.

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Weight 1.9 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 5 in