Ultra Rare Hand Wired Raytheon 500

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Ultra hard to find are these early hand wired Royal 500’s with Raytheon transistors on the 7XT40Z chassis.  Zenith produced three chassis variations in their first year of production; the 7XT40 was the first and the most common, the 7XT40Z1 is almost as common, but only a few 7XT40Z chassis were produced due to the added expense to obtain transistors from Raytheon.  The serial # is 35,006 and the date  on the tuning capacitor is 607 (February 1956).

The example offered here is all original, clean and in nice condition without defects.  It does play, although softly.  A test confirmed that an upgrade to modern capacitors brings back the volume, but I have chosen to leave this collectors item all original.  You may decide to alter it.

Cosmetically, the cabinet and metal trim is nice and without any defects or damage.  This is perhaps the ultimate in rare Zenith transistor radios, and an example that not too many collectors can claim to own.  I have had this in my collection for many years, thinking that I would find others, but no.  Now it is time for someone else to lay claim to it.

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