Rare Truetone Model DC3902 Super 6 – USA


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Here is a rare gem.  This early Truetone was made in Kansas City, MO. in 1958 for the Western Auto Supply Company.  It stands 5 1/2″ tall and sports a swing wire handle/stand.  The  plastic cabinet is of solid construction and the unique on/off volume control is a  large knob on the top.  The tuning knob is gold plated metal. The speaker grill is a gold metal mesh.

This  radio is in as found condition and has some patina  on the tuning knob and the plastic cabinet has lost most of it’s shine, but there is no damage like chips or cracks as the original vinyl carrying case protected it.  Even the speaker grill is without any dents or scratches.  The electronics are in original and unrestored condition.  This was designed to  take an old style 9 volt battery with the clips, but when tested with a modern 9 volt it amazingly played strong and pulled local stations clearly.

This model was produced in black or red with red clearly being the most difficult color to find.

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