Rare Working Zenith Royal 55 Converta

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This listing is for a rare Zenith Converta speaker box with matching Royal 50 radio.  This short lived offering from 1960 was designed to convert the small Royal 50 into a larger table radio.  Functionally, the idea works pretty well as this sounds real nice with this radio inserted, but the plastic used to make the speaker box was very brittle and lightweight, so they tip over easily and damage occurs.  Slow sales combined with this fragile construction makes these a rare find today.

This unit is in better than average cosmetic condition.  The pictures capture the areas where minor chipping has occurred.  Functionally it does produce a nice sound.  The radio is clean and working well so it is a great compliment for the speaker box.  It is missing the bracket and screw that holds the back on, but inside the speaker box that is not an issue.

Not many collections have a Converta in them.  Therefore, I consider this to be the ultimate compliment to any Zenith shirt pocket radio collection.



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