Zenith Royal 400 – 1961


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Here is a great two-tone green Zenith Royal 400 coat pocket radio from 1961.  This forgotten model was introduced at the same time the 500H was and has flown below the radar for many decades, but collectors in the know really appreciate this “diamond in the rough”.  This particular radio is in fantastic condition and has the scarce two-tone green cabinet.  This radio has survived with no chips or cracks and shows almost no signs of wear.  I would call it near mint.  This model is a tough find in this condition.  It measures 6″ tall.

The radio’s seven transistor chassis is all original and in fine playing condition.  Sounds good across the AM dial.  The Vernier tuning really helps to show off just how sensitive this receiver is.  This is powered by 4 AA batteries and produces great sound through the same 3 x 5″ expanded range speaker as used by the 500H.  This is one  for  your top  shelf!

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Dimensions 8 × 6 × 5 in