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One of the most cherished gifts of the early 60’s was to receive the Royalty of Radio – A Zenith Royal 500H. The 500H was the most technologically advanced radio of its day, and is still considered by collectors to be the finest sounding radio of its size.

The Royal 500H is known for its innovative 3” x 5” extended range speaker that produces a rich tone quality. Tuning is easy with the gear reduced vernier tuner. It measures 3 ½” wide, 6” tall, and 1 ¾” deep and weighs 18 ounces. The radio was offered in two-tone grey, black, or white. Its introductory price in 1961 was $59.95 and it operates on 4 AA batteries.

To make this wonderful radio into a very presentable gift, Zenith offered them as a complete set in a variety of Jeweler’s quality gift boxes. The set would include a leather case and shoulder strap, operators guide, earphone, batteries in their own battery box, promotional hang tag, and the inspector slip stating that all is of top quality.  Here is a nice example of this prized possession.

The radio is the scarce two-tone version and cosmetically, it shows some wear to the badge but has no chips or cracks or other detractors.  And the accessories and gift box are all in clean excellent condition.

It is clean inside and the chassis is all original with no repairs.  It plays as it should and produces great sound.  Listen to it play:  MOV09759


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