Scarce Color Royal 500B – 1957


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Beginning around the middle of 1956, the Royal 500 was revised to this 2nd generation 500. The major change outside was larger knobs for easier operation. Inside, a mass-produced printed circuit board chassis replaced the hand wired one to help keep up with the high demand. Zenith added the color white to the black and maroon line up, and for a short time, tan and pink were offered. Tan and pink are scarce and highly sought after by collectors today.

This example is one of those scarce and popular pink versions.  Sometimes this color is called salmon or coral, but call it what you like, it is the one collectors are always looking for.   The positives are many on this one:  No chips or cracks, nice glossy cabinet, full lettering on the back, nice gold dent-free metal trim, clean inside and corrosion-free battery box. It has been recapped and is playing strong and clear.  The only detractors are a hairline through the tuning knob and some tanning on the front.  This is due to this living in it’s leather case for decades.  Size is 3 ½” wide, 6” tall, and 1 ¾” deep.  Overall, this is a nice example.


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