Scarce Tan Zenith Royal 50H Boxed Set


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In 1961, Zenith restyled the Royal 50 as the 50H by adding attractive metal accents.  While these looked nice, over the years the metal has either corroded or suffered other damage on most examples.  Here you have a nice one.  It was offered in black, white, tan, red, and charcoal. This is the scarce tan color and it is compact in size at only 2 ½” wide and 4” tall and weighs only 7.7 ounces.  The six transistor chassis puts out an impressive 135 milliwatts of clear rich tone and operates on two common AA batteries. The cost new was $19.95

This offering is complete with the accessories shown including:  leatherette covering, earphone, simulated Zenith batteries, operators guide and the original box.  The box is nice and strong without stains or tears or odors.  This beautiful radio is all original and is also playing as it should.  Listen:  DSCN5197



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