Scarce Toshiba IC-700 AM/FM/SW


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Offered here is an impressive 9 transistor AM/FM/SW portable receiver made by Toshiba in Tokyo in 1973.  This radio utilizes integrated circuits to enhance its performance.  This heavy and solid radio has a tone control on top along with the volume control.  It features a lighted dial and precise slide-rule tuning.  It is a pleasure to listen to the rich sound that this compact portable produces.  It measures 7.5″ wide and  works on 4 AA batteries which fit into a removable cartridge.  Telescoping antenna is perfect and assists with FM reception and it receives tons of stations with plenty of clear volume.  Includes the rare leather carrying case.  The only blemish is two small dents above the word Toshiba.  This will become one of your favorites.

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Weight 2.8 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 in