Working Sears Reveille Travel Clock Radio

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Here is a really neat travel companion.  This radio measures 8″ wide and only 3″ high, but don’t let it’s compact size fool you.  This is a solid and fairly heavy and quality built set.  It should travel easily with you, or it could be your bedside clock radio which takes up a small area on your night stand.  This has a felt bottom to protect your furniture.

When I found this, I put a common 9 volt battery in and the radio fired right up.  Nice tone and full volume come out, and I was surprised at the sensitivity.  I think this has a solid state chassis.

The clock also passed my test as this keeps accurate time.  It is not common to find portable clock radios that have both working, but the key is this one is a wind-up clock.  When I tested the auto function, the radio and/or the alarm both came on when expected.  The clock even has a luminous dial and hands.

Nothing bad to report on this, just general wear and someone’s SS# on the inside of the front flap.


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