Sony 2FA-24W James Bond FM Radio


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What an interesting radio.  This FM only radio was introduced in 1966 and appeared in the 1967 James Bond film “You Only Live Twice”  It features automatic tuning which means that when you press the button on the top, it searches for the next station.  Then there is a fine tuning adjustment that you can also use.  The automatic tuning function appears to work, even without batteries in the radio.  The radio is powered by (3) small 1.35 volt button batteries.  There is an attached telescoping antenna.

The radio is in pretty good condition, although the leather case is in rough shape.  I have not had any success powering it up, but have not really worked at it very hard, so I am selling this “as is” and not playing.  The condition of the battery compartment is rusty, but there is the original plastic battery sleeve present.  The body of the radio is nice with no chips or cracks or scratches.  Even the little clip for the antenna is there on the battery door and the red ball at the end of the antenna.


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