Special Sale Price – Vintage Zenith Replica AA Batteries

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New and Improved!!!!

This is for a set of replica AA size (or penlight) batteries that I have wrapped in a customized sleeve that looks just like the original Z8 batteries that Zenith made back in the late 50’s.


These batteries are fully charged so they can be used!  They are also perfect to add to your display.  They look authentic and have a glossy finish, just like the original Z8 Double Sealed batteries from the late 50’s / early ’60’s.


The pictures below show some examples of how these batteries can be used in your favorite daily player, or to complete a gift set.  They make a great conversation piece.

The price is for a set of (4) batteries.  Better get a couple of sets while the supply lasts.  (Plastic case is not included)

DSC06962 DSC06930 DSC06929

DSC06944 DSC06943 DSC06931 DSC06927 DSC06928


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