Tan Zenith Royal 500B – 1957


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This listing is for a second generation Zenith Royal 500 in excellent condition. The early Royal 500’s were given the nickname “Owl” due to the unique design of their knobs and speaker. The 500B was offered in 5 colors: Ebony, Maroon, White, Pink, and Tan like this one. Pink and Tan examples were only produced for a short period of time and are sought after by collectors. The coat pocket-sized radio measures 3 ½” wide, 6” tall, and 1 ¾” deep and weighs 16.5 ounces. It operates on 4 common AA batteries and when tested, played to my satisfaction.*

The gem offered here is in excellent cosmetic condition. It is chip and crack free and has a nice shine to it. The gold metal trim accents are stunning, as this one rises above the others I have seen offered over the past several years. The chassis is also clean and in all original condition. The radio is playing just fine despite no servicing, making this original beauty very special.

*In order to play to my satisfaction, a radio needs to pull AM stations across the dial.  The radio also needs to play with strong volume and clear tone and be a pleasure to listen to.  The high standards I use to rate a radio’s performance assures that it will please you too. 







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Weight 1.5 lbs