Zenith Royal 800 – 1956


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This is Zenith’s first all transistor AM portable radio. The powerful 7 transistor chassis is enclosed in a nylon cabinet with a pop-up handle that houses the antenna. The large 4” speaker is behind the gold metal grill and the Vernier (gear-reduced) tuning knob is on the right side. The volume control is on the left side. Inside, the hand wired chassis is mounted to a metal board that has plug-in GE top hat style transistors. The radio is powered by 8 “C” sized batteries that are housed by a red battery tube. For more information on this model, check out http://www.garysradios.com/portables

The radio offered here is in excellent used condition. The 7ZT41 chassis has been recapped and the antenna restored so this radio is playing like new again. Very powerful. Click on the picture below to hear it play. The cabinet is without chips or cracks and the back cover shows only minor warp as these are known to have. A hefty package, this weighs over 4 pounds without batteries.