Zenith Royal 800 Portable – 1956


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Offered here is the first transistorized portable radio produced by Zenith.  The Royal 800 was introduced in early 1956, and sales were slow because of the Royal 500’s popularity.  As a result, these are hard to find today.

The Royal 800 was really ahead of it’s time.  The 7XT41 hand wired chassis is an early issue #42,847 serial number and it is a real powerhouse and when loaded with an arsenal of 8 “C” sized batteries, it produces 500 MW of output (the same power as the Royal 7000 TransOceanic made over 2 decades later). For more info on the Royal 800, read this article:  http://www.garysradios.com/portables

The example offered here is operating at peak performance as my tech has electronically restored it with fresh capacitors and alignment.  It still has all seven of the original GE Top Hat style transistors and a nice clean battery tube.  Listen to it play:

The often warped back door is actually pretty nice on this one and the tabs fit nicely into the slots and the door securely snaps on and stays on.  Overall, I believe that this is one of the nicer examples of this rare radio out there.  Included is the rare leather carrying case in nice clean condition along with a nice shoulder strap still in tact, and the impossible to find felt bag (yes they also made a felt bag for the 800).

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