3 thoughts on “Royal 675 Independence”

  1. Hi Gary,

    I just bought one of these today at a local antique show. Set me back $20 which I think is a fair deal. I put in a fresh set of “C” cells and it worked like a charm!

  2. A great performing radio. Today they would say it was over engineered! As a kid I dragged one through the neighborhood till I killed it. You don’t see many transistor radios with transistor sockets! I guess transistors were kinda new in those days and maybe Zenith thought they would need frequent replacement like vacuum tubes.

    I have two of these in my collection. Both work well but the cabinets are horrible. They almost fall apart in your hands. I’d like to know if anyone has successfully mounted one of these radios in some other type of cabinet?

  3. A postscript to my earlier comment. As I write this a good friend of mine is coming up with a cherry wood cabinet for my Royal 675. It won’t be easy for various reasons, one being that the front grill is tapered. I know it’s in good hands though and any cabinet will be better than the crumbling permawear mess.

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