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Zenith Transistor Radio Collector ebook for your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, or Computer

Guide    only $10 for visitors to Garysradios.com Email me to order your copy at ballgandc@hotmail.com

Offered here is a guide to help you with collecting Zenith Transistor radios.  Whether you are a buyer or a seller or someone who is seeking to gain more knowledge about these wireless wonders, you will find the information in this guide is everything you need to know to be a more informed Zenith transistor radio collector.   Compiled and published by myself (with a lot of help from fellow collectors), this guide in CD format is the culmination of 14 years of focused Zenith Transistor Radio collecting and over 600 transactions of selling on the Garysradios.com and RadioAttic.com  It is filled with technical information gathered from Zenith authorized service manuals, Zenith sales and marketing materials, official Zenith dealer price sheets, and information gathered from other avid Zenith collectors.    This ebook has over 120 pages of information and 240 color photos of the finest examples of Zenith pocket, portable, and Trans-Oceanic radios that I have been able to find. Here is what you will get:          

  • Recent Price Guide for all Zenith transistor models
    • Complete listing of the current value of your radios
    • Sorted by Royal model number, color, chassis, and condition

4 Adv Prices.jpg

·         Physical Information
Size, weight, year introduced, $ cost new, colors offered
  • Technical information
    • Power and performance ratings
    • Chassis offered, transistors, input, and output ratings
  • Collectable features
    • What to watch out for when considering buying
    • Availability (common, uncommon, scarce, or rare)
  • Rare and interesting variations from Zenith
    • Scarce chassis
    • Rare accessories
  • Grading Criteria
    • How to rate the condition of your radio (average, very good, excellent, near mint)
1 Adv 500.jpg     3 Adv TO.jpg A total of 70 different Zenith Royal Models are detailed!   Be sure to add this unique and up-to-date information and price guide to your radio information library.  Just $10.00 Email me to order your copy now at ballgandc@hotmail.com
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