8 thoughts on “Two-Tone Grey Royal 500H”

  1. I bought a two tone grey in almost mint condition with leather case earphone and instruction manual.Worked fine for about 2 months and then conked out.I bought it at one of the radio shows in Elgin propbably early 90’s.Found Jim Barnard on the internet and in less then a week its back and plays wonderful.It is more sensative then my mint Panasonic RF2200 double superhetrodyne radio.This model that Zenith made is awesome looking and sounding.

  2. Jim,
    Time after time I hear comments like yours about the Royal 500H. The people who appreciate them the most seem to be collectors who have other radios which they can compare them to. I wonder how many of the original owners of the 500H never really appreciated what they had, especially if it was their first and only transistor radio? Have fun enjoying yours. Gary

  3. Gary: Do you have any information about which color leather case was sold with which particiular color cabinet on the 500H?

  4. Bill, I do not know for sure. I think that I have seen every combination. There is now way of telling for sure if there has been any “swapping”. Every original set I have seen has had a black case, and other collectors seem to feel that the tan cases are somewhat scarcer than the black ones. Your thoughts?

  5. I own a two-tone gray Royal 500H, which I got from the daughter of the original owner. It came in a tan carrying case. Wonderful performing radio, by the way.

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