Zenith Accessories

A few years ago, I started to focus my attention on collecting items that complement the radios; the accessories that often got lost or that people discarded. I found that these items were actually scarcer than the radios. Included in my search was leather carrying cases, earphones, original operating guides, original Zenith batteries and the box the batteries came in, the inspectors slip, and the Zenith merchant box or shipping carton that everything originally came in.

For the Royal 500’s, there were other accessories to find such as a rubber suction cup for mounting the metal stand of the radio to the window of a train or car for better reception, a felt bag to protect the radio while it is being stored, a gold strip for marking your name or other information on the radio to identify it as yours, and a jeweler’s gift box that was available for those special gift presentations.

Check out these Accessories radios.

Carrying cases
Batteries and battery boxes
Gift boxes
Protective felt bags
Signs and ads

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  1. my favourite -great photos -must have scoured the world for these items-well worth the effort thanks Gary

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