The Zenith Royal 50 Family and Other Early Shirt Pockets

The Royal 50 family consists of three generations that were produced from 1960 through 1963.  They represented Zenith’s entry into the smaller 6 transistor shirt pocket sized radios and was their answer to the sets coming out of Japan like the Sony TR610 and the Hitachi 666 both of which started in 1958.  The Royal 50’s offered great sound quality for their size and were built with high quality componets that allowed them to stand up to years of use and produce 80 milliwatts of undistorted sound.  They are powered by 2 AA batteries and measure 4.25″ tall, 2.5″ wide, and 1.25″ deep and weight only 8 ounces.

Zenith’s First Shirt Pocket sized transistor – Introduced in 1960Charcoal Royal 50


The Royal 50H – Introduced in 1961Royal 50 view #4

The Royal 50L – Introduced in 1962Yellow Model L

Because of their styling and performance, Royal 50’s remain a popular choice of collectors today.  However, with the increasing competition from overseas and the constant introduction of new pocket-sized radios, this series had a much shorter production run than it’s big brother the Royal 500.

The family continued into 1965 with the introduction of the Royal 59.  A similar sized set, this one had 8 transistors and packed a punch.  It’s beautiful grill and smart circular dial make it quite attractive as well.  Royal 59C

During the early 1960’s, Zenith continued to produce some other styles of shirt pocket sized transistors that were manufactured in the USA up until around 1965-66.

The Royal 40 – Introduced in 1963Group of Royal 40's

The Royal 60 – Introduced in 1963Group of Royal 60's

The Royal 20 Micro – 1966Royal 20 box

The Royal 25-1 (Zenith’s first shirt pocket with FM) – 1965White Royal 25-1 AM / FM

The Royal 130 – 1965  Pair of turquoise and brown Royal 130's

The Royal 185 – 1965Group of Royal 185's

The Royal 90 – Introduced in 1963

The Royal 125 (the only shirt pocket with gear-reduced Vernier tuning) – 1963

Check out these other Shirt Pocket sized Zeniths radios.

Other Shirt Pocket Sized Zeniths
Royal 50
Royal 50 H & K
Royal 55C Converta
Royal 50L
Royal 59-G and 59-1G

3 thoughts on “The Zenith Royal 50 Family and Other Early Shirt Pockets”

  1. i have the royal 50 red and white radio in pretty good
    shape ,when i put batteries in it i hear it go on but that’s all
    is it worth anything? how much?

  2. Fantastic website!
    A while back, I picked up a Zenith royal R26Y #1223177 at a yard sale. It is MIB and am curious as to its age. I have looked but haven’t been able to find the model year. I would appreciate any info on it.

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