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  1. Gary

    I have a Zenith Royal 80 Transistor Radio Model Royal R80Y. It is black and brand new inside the unopened box. I cannot find the radio listed in any reference other than some repair manuals. Can you give me a range for what this is worth please?

    Thank you Mark Hanlon

  2. I have a Zenith Royal One Thirty AM transistor radio that is in great working condition, and generally good cosmetic appearance. Any idea if there is a collector who might be interested in it?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Russell, I have no idea who would want the Royal 130, however, I place radios for sale on my website and when the right person comes along, it sells. I do not currently have a 130 to offer up for sale, so I would be willing to buy it from you sight unseen for $20, but I would not be able to go any higher. Let me know if that meets your agreement. Thanks, Gary

  3. I have a 130 for sale. It’s not working at the moment but with some batteries, it could possibly work. I could send you some pics. Let me know a good email if you want one.

    1. Hi Kyle and thanks for reaching out to me. A non-working radio is still of some value if it is in nice cosmetic condition; meaning no breaks in the plastic cabinet and no corrosion to the metal parts. If that is the case with your radio, I would be interested in looking at some pictures of it. Please send them to me at ballgandc@hotmail.com. Thanks, Gary

    2. i take it it is ac/dc? ohm the rects. or xfmr. that should get you up and running one it may be open or two, shorted.

  4. Hi Gary: i am looking for a Zenith “Allegrao” clock radio; if you have one or know of one for sale please let me know.
    Thanks in Advance!

  5. Hi Gary
    I am looking for a Zenith Golden Triangle clock radio, Model 950 in good condition. Do you know where ZI might find one?

    1. Hi Gil. I only have one and I am not ready to sell it yet. When you find one, be sure to insist on proper packing materials because the golden triangle is a heavy and fragile radio that often suffers damage during shipment. Ask me how I know this. Good luck. Gary

  6. gary:: tony here…the sanyo is a-ok play the daylight out of it. i “might” be interested in the sanyo you now have.. there was a radio from sanyo in the ;70s that mimicked the one you sold me. both were from sanyo..the only diff. btwn the two were the tuning. as i recall the one that mimed mine had it’s tuning on the middle right side. or upper middle.

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