Complete Gift Set Examples

After accumulating several of the accessories, the next logical challenge was to try to match them with the radios and put together complete sets. My goal was to try to duplicate what the buyer would get when making the original purchase. The pieces needed include the leather case, operating guide, earphones, battery box, and the container it was sold in.

Most of my sets have been assembled by obtaining a piece here and a piece there. Although sometimes I got lucky and was able to obtain a complete set that was left intact by the original owner. What a rush that is!

Check out these Complete Sets radios.

Black Royal 16 boxed set
Brown Royal 16 boxed set
White Royal 16 boxed set
White Royal 20 gift set
Black Royal 25 AM/FM boxed set
Tan Royal 50 Gift set
Red Royal 50 gift set
White Royal 50 gift set
Black Royal 50 gift set
Black Royal 50K in brown box
Yellow Royal 50L boxed set
Red Royal 50L boxed set
Royal 51 AM/FM boxed set
Royal 59 boxed set
Royal 60 boxed set
Royal 100 “Zenette” boxed set
Royal 125 boxed set
Royal 185 boxed set
Royal 275 in a travel set
Two-tone green Royal 400 gift set
Brown Royal 400 gift set
Black Hand-wired Royal 500 set
White Royal 500B set
Maroon Royal 500B set
White Royal 500 Model D gift set
Black Royal 500 Model D gift set
White Royal 500 Model E travel set
White Royal 500 Model E boxed set
Two-tone Royal 500 Model E gift set
Black Royal 500 H Tan gift box set
Lloyds TR-800 boxed set (Royal 500 H clone)
Black Royal 500 H in the original carton
Black Royal 500 H deluxe boxed set
White Royal 500 H boxed set
Two-tone Royal 500 H gift set
Royal 500N Gift Set – 1965
Royal 500 L Gift box set – 1964

8 thoughts on “Complete Gift Set Examples”

  1. Gary

    I bought a radio not that long ago from you and have great interest in complete sets. Do you have any for sale? Please advise

  2. Could you please forward me a list of what you have for sale ?



    Mark, Keep checking back often as I am adding new radios for sale all the time, and some do not last long.  Gary 

  3. Gary,
    I have the Zenith Royal 400 complete set ( two tone brown ). It works great. No dents in the front. The earphones have never been used or opened. It is missing the name plate at the bottom though. The leather case is in excellent condition. The tan case that everything goes into is in good shape a little worn though. I was wondering if you could tell me what it might be worth.

  4. The 400 set is one that varies quite a bit depending on condition. Missing the nameplate does not help it, but having the complete set is nice. I would say $50 – $100. If you want to send a picture though, I could be more accurate. Gary

  5. Hello,
    Just came upon your website … very nice vintage radio collection and great info!
    The latest post was 2012, so I was wondering if your site is current on radios available for purchase?

    1. Hi Larry. I try to post to this monthly so if you go to the welcome page you will see the most recent info.
      I am currently in the process of adding several new radios for sale for February so check out the progress when you have time. Thanks again, Gary

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