Royal 285

For 1964, Zenith brought back a popular style from the Americana Series of 1959 with the Royal 285. The Royal 285 has the distinction of being the only transistor radio with a cloth grill cover. These proved to show great amounts of wear over the years and many have had their grills replaced now (although it is usually quite obvious). While made in USA, it was a slow seller. It was introduced at a time when Zenith was trimming back their production in Chicago for less expensive production in Hong Kong and Japan. At $34.95, it was expensive compared to other sets, even though it came with 8 transistors. Therefore, Zenith offered it as a set that came with it’s own deluxe carrying case, an ear phone and batteries in a gift box. It was offered in four two-tone color combinations.

Fact Sheet

Radio: Royal 285
Year introduced: 1964
Cost New: $34.95
Colors: Green or brown/White back, White/Tan back, or Black
Dimensions: 5.75″ H, 3.75″ W, 1.75″ D
Weight: 15 ounces
# of Transistors: 8
Powered by: 4 AA batteries
Undistorted output: 100 Milliwatts

Check out these Royal 285 radios.

Brown and White Royal 285


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