Transoceanic Series

Zenith is also known for their long distance shortwave sets. There were several versions made and the transistor helped to make these popular with people who were on the go as they were portable now. Below are a few examples of the most popular versions of these expensive sets.

The following models reflect the Transoceanic transistor radio as it responded to new bands that came on the scene:
Royal 1000 8 bands AM/SW SW 7 bands
Royal 1000-D 9 bands LW/AM/SW SW 7 bands
Royal 3000 9 bands LW/AM/FM/SW SW 6 bands
Royal 7000 11 bands LW/AM/FM/SW SW 7 bands
Royal 7000-1 11 bands LW/AM/FM/SW SW 7 bands
Royal D7000Y 11 bands LW/AM/FM/SW SW 7 bands
R-7000-2 12 bands LW/AM/FM/SW SW 6 bands CB/ VHF LO/VHF HI

Check out these Transoceanic Series radios.

Royal 7000
Royal 2000 AM/FM
Royal 1000-D

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  1. Good site here, Gary!!Thanks……………I have a transistor,Oceanic/Royal 3000 very well and got at garage sale for 5 dollars………..any idea of price now and then??? Thanks alot and keep up the good work!!!! Joe.

  2. Joe, What a find! These were quite a technology invention for the early 60’s and they sold for alot of money back then. When they were first introduced in 1962 the suggested retail price was $275 which translates to almost $1800 today if you can imagine! (according to an inflation calculator at
    They sell on ebay for anywhere from $75 to $300 depending on the physical and operational condition. Gary

    1. Sounds like it might have something to do with the tuning selector, but that is a complicated area Dave. I assume you have tried contact cleaner already, but after that, it gets quite messy. The electronics are probably fine. Another possibility would be the AM antenna. If you get hiss, it could be that. If you get nothing, the tuner is probably the area to look into. Hope this helps. Good luck, Gary

      1. check selector switch contacts. GENTLY!! touch each one with an plastic alignment tool to see if am returns if it does get an thin needle and GENTLY bend the contact so it touches switch contacts… also you can use tuner cleaner and cotton swabs to clean selector switch. JUST BE um careful. also if your t.o. has a power jack on the left and you are using an ac adptr. and it squeals whines etc add api filter to the leads of the ac adptr.

  3. I have a royal 1000-D I am repairing. works fine but on strong signals it “squeals”…maybe AVC? hints?

    thanks, Gene

    1. Hi Gene and thanks for reaching out to me.
      I have no experience repairing transoceanics but based on what you are describing, I would try doing an alignment. The procedure is simple and described in Zenith Service manuals or Sam’s Photofacts. I would share it with you but I do not have the proper document. Perhaps you can find it on the web. Good luck and let me know how it works out. Thanks again, Gary

      1. gary, tony here… want some hints on aligning?? inject the am 455kc signal at the antenna. using a vom . center the analog
        vom needle. at audio out remember to the right of pointer is gain+ to the left gain_ …start at the last if coil nearest the detector. peak it then go to the next one DONOT touch the first again.. when you are done add up the readings you got on your meter divide by the no. of if can this will give you an indication of your if gain. take an original reading after you center the meter’s needle. then do the above it is relatively quick

  4. Trying to find out how much our zenith royal eight five in the box with paper work and case never used. Is worth? We can find one to compare?

    1. Hi Kelly,
      The one I had sold for $60 a few years ago. It was in a gold box with a blue top. Let me know if you want to move it.
      Thanks, Gary

  5. My husband just bought a Zenith Royal 3000 Transoceanic radio but it did not have the log/charts with it. Any idea where I can download or find some at low cost?
    The radio wasn’t working when he bought it a few hours ago but now it is. Hes happily trying to find stations on it!

      • Hi Deborah, how fun. Good for your husband who was able to revive this great radio. I have no idea who or where a source for the charts might be but I will look and ask around for you, and perhaps I will be able to direct you in the near future. Thanks for your inquiry. Gary
  6. Hi Gary,
    My husband past away a year and a half ago. He left me with quite a few Trans Oceanics and portable zeniths. I even have a red TO box. Are you interested or can help me with someone else?

    1. Hi Elizabeth. I am sorry to hear of your loss. Sure, I can help you with your radios. I have made quite a few contacts in the radio clubs I belong to and would be able to find good homes for those radios. Where do you live? I am in Minnesota.

      1. Hi. Did you ever get my reply? I live in western Oregon. And I have at least 10 radios. Let me know if you can help me. Elizabeth

        1. Hi Elizabeth, I got your reply dated the 16th. It may be quite a challenge to ship these large radios but if you want to send me some pictures, I will help you to find good homes for them. Zeniths are popular, and even if I were to list them on my website for you (kind of like on consignment), it may be an effective way to relocate them for you and make some money. But it all starts with good pictures, so if you want to make that effort, I will help you. Send photos to me at Gary

  7. Hello Gary, I need a little help. My grandfather had a T/O radio in the house when I was a kid that I used to play around with (late 70’s – early 80’s) that has since quit long ago and been tossed. I’m just trying to find out the history about it and the company that made it. I actually found a picture on google but it’s blurry enough that you can’t make out the manufacturer. Was wondering if you have anything you could offer about the radio. How can I send you a pic of the radio to better help you identify it. Thank you for your help.

  8. Hi Gary:
    Was wondering. I am in the market for a good Zenith transoceanic in the 1000 series, 1000, 1000-1 or 1000D in good working and cosmetic condition.
    Do you have one available for sale? If not could you be on the look out for one for me, I have been checking ebay and so far I have not really seen anything really good that I would want to own, so I thought that I would ask the expert since you never steered me wrong in the past.
    Thank you

  9. Hi Steve, Thanks for stopping by my website.
    I believe I know the one you are referring to but I do not have any. I will keep my eyes open for you though and let you know if I see one. Gary

    1. hi gary, I am looking for a schematic for a zenith royal 94 very tough to find! or a manual. to buy or copy,, thanks Garrick.

  10. I have a vintage Zenith AMFM Transoceanic Royal 3000 with original owner’s manual which is missing the battery compartment and associated wires/plugs etc. Could you tell me where I could buy one and aprox cost? Thanks! Jan

    1. Hi Bob and thanks for visiting my website. Those are nice radios. Sorry that I don’t have one, but I will keep my eyes open for you. Gary

  11. Hi Gary I have a Zenith model r 7000 trans oceanic 12band radio I would like to sell very good condition what’s a fair offer? I liove in Oshkosh wis

    1. Hi Dave and thanks for reaching out. There are three versions of the transoceanic royal 7000. They usually sell for between $150 and $400. The 7000-2 carries a premium. They do require special packaging like what a Fed ex office would do at a cost of $40 or more to ship. Hope that helps. Gary

  12. Hi Gary I have send pictures of radio I hope that I did if they don’t come please let me know I’ll try again thanks

    1. Got the pictures just fine. Sent you an email response asking for some words to help describe the radio. Thanks, Gary

  13. Can you ask. Me the questions on this site not receiving any email for some reason if you can the r2000 I have is like ,we. Thanks dave

  14. Hi Gary, Great website! I have a Zenith Trans-Oceanic Royal 3000-1. its immaculate and works wonderfully. The only issue it has is that the flip down aluminium/brushed chrome top part is showing a little wear. My problem is that i am in the UK! would you suggest i try and get the flip down top refinished or are there donor radio’s out there still that would have the part that would still be in good condition? its 55 years old now so I know that finding one just for that part is going to be a challenge. any suggestions appreciated

    1. Hi David and thank you for your kind words. Sorry but I do not have any parts for your set. Your best bet may be to watch eBay because at least one seller has offered various Transoceanic parts from time to time. You can also reach out to them to see what they have available that may not be listed (just as you did with me). Buying just the part you need will save you a lot of money in shipping vs. buying a parts set. Personally, “showing a little wear” is not a problem if it is not damaged and still opens, closes, and latches properly. Trying to match a foreign part from a different radio may not result in your desired outcome anyway. Good Luck, Gary

  15. I am in need of the battery pack for the zenith Transoceanic 3000-1 Radio. Does anyone have these available?

  16. Hi Gary. You’ve got a great site! I bought a T/O Royal 3000-1 in 1968 and had it through the 1970s, but lost it during a move (hard to believe given its size). I’d like to buy one and looked on eBay, but it’s hard to know what’s worth the money. Question: Is it best to buy one which seems to be restored properly or get a “decent” version and then have it restored?

    1. Hi Rich, Thank you for your kind words. In my opinion, you should be able to buy a 3000-1 T/O in nice original condition. These were made with more modern plastic coated capacitors, and the transistors rarely failed, so many do not need any electrical restoration at all. Gary

      1. Thanks Gary. Another question: When buying a 3000-1 T/O online, what’s the best way to raise the odds your purchase will be as good as the description indicates?

  17. Hi, Gary.

    My Brother has a beautiful, all original R7000 TransOceanic (with original logbook, no less) that he’s looking to sell (I have good pics available). He’s located in San Mateo, CA, and a local sale would be ideal, but he could ship, if needed.

    He’s had bad luck with eBay Buyers, so hesitates to use eBay. What would be the best alternative marketplace to use for re-homing this radio?

    Thank you for a great website!
    Tammy (in AZ)

    1. Hi Tammy and thanks for your nice words. I understand the eBay concern. He may have better luck finding a local radio club. They usually will host auctions once a year where he could submit it for review and bids from club members and also interested viewers from the public. California is a big state, but I know they have a few radio clubs. Local selling is best because to ship a TransOceanic runs around $50.00 Good luck. Gary

  18. Hi Gary

    looking for a band change knob for a zenith royal-7000Y radio
    any idea where can I found one ???

    best regards

    1. Hi David,
      I have nothing.
      But some guy sell lots of transoceanic parts on ebay so keep checking that. Otherwise, not many options right now. Good luck.

  19. tony here again….want to settle up with you on what i owe. cannot log in to you to fix it. you have my address invoice me. also for folks that have the real old trans oceanic from zenith. ream the 1l6 socket and plug in a 1la6. or get the solid state 1l6’s. also the more you baby the b+ supply the better.i.e. when recapping put a higher mfd then orig. it hurts nothing and gives you less ripple. IF you use a solid state 1l6.. you may have to realign the unit. the height of the tube changes the cap. of the circult.

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