Royal 275

The Royal 275 (also called the Statesman) was another of the Americana Series radios introduced in 1959 and was a step up from the 250.  It looked similar to the 250 and had many of the same cost saving features except this model had seven transistors and gear reduced vernier tuning.  They also came in two-tone cabinets.  Offered in blue, green, brown and black, these were popular sellers at $49.95.


  Two-tone Green Royal 275  Fact Sheet

Radio: Royal 275
Year introduced: 1959
Cost New: $49.95
Colors: Black, Blue, Brown,and Green
Dimensions: 5.75″ H, 3.75″ W, 1.75″ D
Weight: 17.5 ounces
# of Transistors: 7
Powered by: 4 AA batteries
Undistorted output: 100 Milliwatts

Check out these Royal 275 radios.

Black and beige Royal 275
Two-tone Green Royal 275
Two-tone Dark Blue/Light Blue



7 thoughts on “Royal 275”

  1. Hi, I went to a yard sale and got a Zenith Royal 275 Radio for $3.00. No instructions on it put in new batteries but don’t work. Should I take it to someone to look at it?

    1. Hi Elisa, Nice find. I would say yes, take it to somebody if you know someone. It could be something simple, or perhaps not. Usually repairs start at $30, mostly for labor as parts are cheap if available. Good luck. Gary

    1. Hi Kim, I see your order. The small volume knob will be sent out USPS first class mail with an expected delivery time of 5 business days. I will put it in the mail Monday, expect to receive it Friday. Thanks, Gary

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