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Below is my son’s depiction of my radio habit ……. err hobby.  

What to do with all these radios?  I have decided to share some of them with the radio collecting world.  So here I have listed some great collectable radios for your consideration.  Check back often for first choice as I add new listings weekly. 

Let be your trusted source for information and also quality collectable transistor radios.  My specialty is Zenith Royals.  

Inspection:  Ordering on-line is easy, but it is not always easy to tell what it is you are buying. Pictures allow you to see only what the seller wants to show you. Therefore, always buy from a reputable seller.

With my photos, you can get a close-up view by clicking on the main photo.  The large photo will show all the details, which is almost as good as holding it in your hand. I will always try to describe just how well each radio performs, and in some cases attach a video, but in all cases, I offer high quality working radios and I assure your satisfaction with each purchase, or the cost of the radio will be refunded to you (you won’t get that assurance other places).  I go to great ends to make sure the radios are properly represented and packaged well for their journey to their new home.

Payment Methods:  You can pay instantly at checkout with PayPal from your account or with a credit card (even if you do not have a PayPal account).  I also accept checks and money orders.

Shipping Method:  I will combine products when it makes sense to save on shipping costs.  I use USPS Priority mail unless you request another method.

Thank you, Gary

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