Regency XR2 – 1956 (HALF OFF!)

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Shortly after production of the TR1, Regency introduced this small and unique radio.  This 2″ x 2″ radio has no speaker or volume control.  It has a wired-in earphone much like a crystal radio, but it has 2 transistors like a boy’s radio and is powered by 3 AAA batteries.

There are actually two versions of this scarce radio as Regency made a revised version (XR2A) of this radio in 1958.  They look the same from the outside, but inside you will notice that the later requires only 2 AAA batteries.

This example is the rarer first version.  It is in excellent condition and actually works, but very softly.  Don’t count on listening to it unless you are in a very quiet environment.  Makes a great display with its bright red color with gold accents.

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