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Updated:  7/4/2024

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If you have been here before, welcome back. If this is your first visit, you might want to bookmark this page so you can stop back often to check out the latest changes to the site as well as the latest items offered for sale.

Perhaps you remember having one of these transistor radios when you were young and how it became your best companion.  It allowed you to listen to the ball games, catch the weather report, and brought the nation’s Top 40 songs to you each week.  Everyone had one, but I bet you don’t know where it is now.  Few could afford a Zenith, “The Royalty of Radio” because back then, they were expensive and purchased mostly by doctors and other professionals.  They also were given as gifts to those lucky enough to have rich friends.  But now, they are affordable to almost anyone, if you can find them. That is where I can be of help.  Go to the “For Sale” section and have a look.  And then you can go back and relive the past, this time with a Zenith.  Why not get the best?

Many of these Zeniths from the 50’s and early 60’s still work fine in their original condition, while some others need to have some simple electrical upgrades.  At times, you will be able to find some of these original and restored Zenith Royals available for sale here on this website.  Check the column on the left for the * For Sale * sections.  My goal is to offer quality transistor radios that you will be proud to own at a price that offers you true value.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Collecting!  Gary 

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41 thoughts on “Welcome to Garys Radios”

  1. Any chance you have a Zenith Royal 900 for sale. My grandfather and I listened to many a baseball game on his Zenith 900.


  2. Hi Gary. I am interested in purchasing in these items:

    Pink Zenith Royal 200 – Looks Great
    White Zenith Royal 400 – Works Great
    Zenith Royal 270 – Works Great
    Rare Truetone DC3902 Super 6 – USA
    Clean Zenith Royal 475 – Works Great

    Will you contact me directly as I am not sure if you still have these or if I can buy them here:

  3. Hi Gary. I sent an email to you (to the address noted on your site) a number of days ago but haven’t received a response after several days. If going to junk or something please check, or let me know via email if my email was lost & I can resend my questions. I see you have a sale now which is good for part of the question but I also had a question about condition of one radio and shipping costs…thanks

    1. Hi Bill, your email did go to junk but I found it. I will email you a another picture of the front of the Sears so you can judge it better. Shipping to Maine should be around $10.00 Thanks, Gary

    2. Hi Bill, I mailed your radio today. The Mr Thin radio weighed only 7 ounces so I was able to send it first class mail saving you $6 in postage. Gary

  4. Gary,
    I have 3 Royal 100 radios. I received these radios from my dad in 1960 and have had them ever since. Two that can use some repair since I used them when I was a kid but 1 is still in the original box. The box was opened but the radio is still in the original plastic wrap. It was never taken out of the box and the original instructions are there. If you give me an email I can send pictures.
    You will never find another Royal 100 in this condition!

  5. Gary, where in the world can I get replacement transistors for a 3000-1 Trans-Oceanic? I have bent all the ground legs out of the way and the radio works great, but I am sure at some point I’ll need to replace all or some of them. Seems like most distributors want to sell large lots and not just a handful. Any help you can provide is most appreciated.

    1. Hi William and thanks for your question. Most of the early transistors have proven to be quite reliable and replacing them is nothing like the old tubes. The best source is to acquire a “parts set” off eBay. These radios are quite common and the exterior condition is not important. The set does not even have to be in working condition because there are so many other things that can and do go wrong before the transistors. Although there are no guarantees, it is your best bet. Either a Royal 3000 or 3000-1 will do. Some auctions have ended for under $50 lately. While obtaining a working set would be ideal, now your price goes up over $100. Be patient and good luck. Let me know how it works out for you. Gary

      1. Gary I am restoring a Zenith royal 500A. I need the audio output transformer. The one under the speaker. I moved the speaker to replace the Cap and the transformer wire was corroded. Broke a thin output lead off cleanly that was attached to the speaker. Tom

        1. Hi Tom, I wish I had a hand wired chassis to draw from, but I do not think I do. I will let you know if one surfaces. Gary

  6. Hello Gary: I Have a royal 700 that I have had since it was new. I was 10yo when my grandmother gave it to me to listen to Red Sox games. I have restored it electronically , but the case is in really bad shape. I would like to get another. It does not have to work as I will transfer the chassis to one with a better case. Please let me know if you have one. Again all I am really looking for is a case

    1. Hi Jerry, what a great story. I can’t imagine being able to listen to the ball games at age 10 on a Zenith 700. One of my favorites. I will certainly keep my eye open for you and let you know if one surfaces (even though I am not a Red Sox fan). The 700’s are pretty scarce in nice condition though. Thanks for the email. Sincerely, Gary

  7. My cousin would like to sell her working Zenith Royal 500 w/leather case and ear piece that is in GREAT condition. Any suggestions as to how to go about this? Do you also buy?
    Thank you,



  9. also gary have you ever seen an rca portable radio from the ’50s? the case as far as i know is back and white. batts went in from bottom right 3 d cells i think. Also i paid us up even so how fast can i use my radio??

    1. Thanks for the payment Tony and all the helpful info here. Your Sanyo will be mailed tomorrow as the PO is not open today (Columbus Day). Gary

  10. Hello, Gary!
    Curious if you might help me identify a late 50s transistor radio, and here’s the catch – I only have a few rough pictures from an award show in 1959. Nothing close-up either – sorry. The show advertised all participants would receive gifts including a new Zenith transistor radio. If I can figure out the actual model number, I can begin my search to locate and purchase a surviving original. Can I send you the pictures for review? If so, how do I send it, email? Upload? I’m hoping it’s easily identifiable, and you have one, or know of one. I thank you for any assistance in advance. Congratulations on this site, it is very impressive and informative. Enjoy your day! Grant

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