Gift boxes

When purchasing a Zenith transistor radio for a gift, you could choose the option of having it presented in a special jeweler gift box. These boxes offered the luxury that was often associated with receiving a Zenith radio as a gift. Special occasions such as graduations, weddings and Christmas were suggested in some ads as good times to give a Zenith to that someone special.

Below are a few examples of gift boxes Zenith offered.

One thought on “Gift boxes”

  1. Hi Gary,

    I was looking at your new site and I noticed that you have a few items that I am interested in and wondering if you would either sell them or trade for them ??

    1) Lightweight travel case for Royal 275/500
    2) Zenith earphone(pink color) in plastic case(New)
    3) Pink color Zenith earphone

    Thanks Ronnie

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