Royal 755LG

Zenith Model Number: R755LG

Production Year: 1960

Gary’s ID: SOLD

This is the same radio as the 755LF except with the more common leather strap handle.

3 thoughts on “Royal 755LG”

  1. My dad had one of these, I remember it having a great tone!
    My brother borrowed it for a date once and lost it! Dad was PISSED. Wish i had it today!

  2. My dad has one of these looks in great shape. haven’t put new batteries in it to see if it works yet. but need to know what its worth so I can sell it. Can you give me a estimate please. TY

    1. Hi DEM and thanks for reaching out. The factors that go into determining the value of this radio are:
      Performance level if (in working condition)
      Cleanliness of the grill
      Condition of the leather
      Condition of the stitching
      Based on my experience, the basic radio in average condition might fetch $40, but if all the above factors are nice it could approach $100. My nicest one sold for $145 a few years ago. Hope that helps. Thanks, Gary
      PS If you plan to use ebay or another auction, all bets are off as they are just too unpredictable.

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