9 thoughts on “Royal 760 Navigator”

  1. Gary,

    The radio I have is comparable to your pictured radio. It is in very good condition except for the knobs I mentioned earlier. Do you think Greg Fox might be interested? I’m new at this and not sure about procedures so if I need to do something different please let me know. Again, any idea on the value? Thanks.

  2. I have this same Royal 760. I bought it at an antique store in the early 1980s for 10 bucks. It is in very good shape with all knobs and features with just some wear on the leather edges.

  3. Hi Wayne, I will keep an eye open for a nice 760 for you but right now I can help you with a great little 700 that plays super and has clean and strong leather. Gary

  4. Hello Gary et al ,

    I have a nice Zenith Royal Navigator 780 with the leather in good condition. If someone is interested just write my e-mail and I can send pictures of outside and inside for review.

    Regards all,

  5. Hi
    I am looking for the two small black knobs for my Royal 760. Might you be able to help me?

    BTW, I really do love your sets, remind me of when I was a kid.

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