The 500H – Colors They Should Have Made

Right from the beginning of the Royal 500s, Zenith made their flagship set in Maroon (and of course Black). However, for some reason, when they introduced the 500H in 1961, they stopped making Maroon. Many of us collectors have wondered why?

I became curious to know what a 500H in Maroon would look like. So I did some experiments with less-than-perfect Ivory H’s. Using regular fabric dye, I was able to produce a 500H in a deep Maroon color.  The pictures are below.


Then to take it a step further, I made a two-tone set similar to the two-tone Royal 500E that Zenith made some of just a couple of years earlier.

These are novelty sets and not factory produced, but I wonder why not?  Your comments are welcomed.

Thanks and enjoy!  Gary


One thought on “The 500H – Colors They Should Have Made”

  1. Hi Gary,
    I’m still looking for a 56 or 57 maroon 5oo, not hand wired in mint condition. The radio must play loud and clrar without any issues. Please let me know when you find one. I already have a new carry case in the box for it.

    Thanks, Bob

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