Radio Collectors Corner

Congratulations! You have just discovered The Collectors Corner:  a great place to find rare or pristine transistor radios.  This is where I will list high-end collectable vintage radios straight out of my personal collection.

A high-end transistor radio is a vintage collectible that is over 50 years old and is still in amazing condition.  It has retained its original look because it has never seen regular use.  Therefore, it is one that has led a very sheltered life, hiding away in storage or residing in a collection for most of its life.  Transistor radios of this nature are the exception and are seldom seen offered for sale.  They make great investments, especially during times of inflation.  I would suggest bookmarking this page and checking it often as I will be adding to it regularly.  That way you do not need to search for hours, only to come up empty.

The radios that I decide to list on this page qualify to be included in fine collections – like yours!  While some of these may not fit into everyone’s budget, it is many collectors’ belief that it is better to own a few pristine examples vs. a dozen flawed ones.

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