Radio Collectors Corner

Congratulations! You have just discovered the place to find rare and/or pristine transistor radios that represen the finest you could hope for.

No need to search for hours, just to come up empty anymore. I suggest that you bookmark this page to your favorites bar for fast access, and check back often.

The radios that make it to this page qualify to be included in the finest of collections – like yours!

Here are some testimonials from recent customers of Collector’s Corner items:

Got the radio and it is fabulous! In outstanding condition cosmetically and it plays so well. Thanks again, Greg in Washington

I got the radio. I had forgotten how substantial it is! Rugged unit. Beautiful and works great as advertised!  Thanks, Dennis in California

The radio was delivered yesterday and it looks and plays great. Pretty amazing for a radio that’s almost 60 years old. I received one just like it (black and gold) for my tenth birthday back in October of 1961. Spent many hours listening to top forty radio on it. I’ll be listening to many S.F. Giants games on my “new” Zenith Royal 400. Thanks, Ed in Oregon 




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