Black and white Royal 900 table radio

This might be one of the scarcest models Zenith made. It is a strong performing radio and it is powered by 8 “C” batteries so it is also heavy when “loaded”. This radio is unique because it does not say it’s model number label on it anywhere, but it is a Royal 900. Zenith made these in a couple of different colors.

4 thoughts on “Black and white Royal 900 table radio”

  1. Gary, I want your black and white royal 900. I have the turquoise one and the tan one but you seem to have the only black one. Please consider a price. I am a serious buyer.

    1. Douglas, The picture of the black and white 900 that you are looking at is in the informational section of my website and that radio is not available for sale. It was bought by another collector about 3 years ago. I will however keep you in mind should I ever come across another, but as you know, that model is scarce as hens teeth. Gary

  2. Hi Gary thank you for all the information on Zenith transistor radio’s I was able to get a Zenith Royal 900 Blue and White version at a amazing price ! Your site is fantastic keep up the great work and thank you for being so nice, informative and honest, all the best to you always !

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