Royal 50 H & K

The second generation of the Royal 50 line was the Model H and it was introduced in 1961. It had improved styling with the addition of bright chrome-like metal trim added to the top tuning dial area and a metal nameplate at the bottom. It is common for these metal parts to become corroded over the years, but they look great when found in nice condition.

These sets were offered in black and white with white backs, and red, tan and charcoal brown with ivory backs. They also made some black beauties with a black back like the one pictured below. Again, the red and tan models seem to be the scarcest. I recently found documentation that proves these started out with a suggested retail price of $26.95 but at some point they had a price reduction to $19.95 which made these sets a very good value.

Late in this production run, there were some changes made to the transistors used and the model designation changed to the 50K. This can only be detected by opening the back and looking at the chassis and the label. I have found the model K in all of the same colors as the H with the exception of black (but I am still looking).

These continue to be favorites of collectors as they approach their 60th birthday.  One of the main reasons is because they simply outperform the competition from Asia. Its amazing how well these quality sets have held up.

 All black Royal 50K Fact Sheet

Model: Royal 50 H / K
Year introduced: 1961
Cost New: $26.95 / $19.95
Colors: Charcoal, Black, Red,Tan, and White
Dimensions: 4.25″ H, 2.5″ W, 1.25″ D
Weight: 8 ounces
# of transistors: 6
Powered by: 2 AA batteries
Output: 80 milliwatts

To see a video of my Zenith Royal 50H dealer display, watch my youtube post below.

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  1. Hello Gary, I have a 50K which looks black to me, but it has a white back. I suppose that in your text above (“I have found the model K in all of the same colors as the H with the exception of black”) you intended to refer to the full-black version.

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