Royal 50L

The third version of the Royal 50 family is the 50L This modern redesign was an improvement because the tuning dial is now recessed and protected instead of out front and center where it was easily bumped and changed. Also improved was the metal grill and reverse plastic dial face. Another change was that the back snapped on and off without using a screw to secure it. To aid in opening the radio, there was a coin slot that will almost always be chewed up from opening and closing the radio. The chassis was basically unchanged and the performance of this little legend lived on.

The 50L was available in four colors: black, turquoise, yellow, and red, all with an off white cabinet front. The original red and turquoise radios were made with silver metal, and the yellow and black ones are highlighted with gold toned grills and nameplates. This radio was a real bargain at $19.95 retail.

Red Model L


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  1. The one thing you did not mention is that this model had a coin slot on the bottom to open it up rather than a screw. Many of these radios show up with coin slots that are extensively chewed up.

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