Royal 55C Converta

In 1960, Zenith produced a limited quantity of speaker boxes called the Converta (Royal 55C) to go with the Royal 50.Its purpose was to convert the shirt pocket sized radio into a table radio that produced a bigger sound through the speaker.

It measures 6 high, 7.5 wide, and 3 deep and weighs only 18 ounces. It works well, producing a big sound, but with the radio installed, it becomes quite top-heavy and not very stable and with a fall or two, the thin legs would break, making it even less stable. Its cost was $39.95 – $44.95 which included the radio (I have a 1962 price guide that quotes these speaker boxes were a $10 option). Not a hot seller. They are made of brittle plastic and as a result these are very difficult to find today in good condition.

Converta Speaker Box

3 thoughts on “Royal 55C Converta”

  1. Gary, is this for sale? If so, please tell me how much you would want for it. Thanks, Arthur

  2. I currently (May 9, 2015) have one of these in good condition for sale on eBay, along with 3 Zenith Royal transistor radios. eBay item number 181740271422

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