3 thoughts on “D7000Y”

  1. Good afternoon.
    This ZENITH TRANSOCEANIC D7000y still for sale?.
    What is the condition and price?
    Thank you.

    1. No Marco, it is not for sale. Only the items in the product categories are offered for sale. Thanks for asking and looking. Gary

  2. Hi Gasry
    Norman here in Toronto.
    I had the exact same radio years ago I found it in 1976 at a radio shop no longer around for $175.00 I had it then for 4440 years. It worked well thwe antenna was very tall.
    But lately the SW isn,t as good as it was when this radio was popular.
    I think for some strange reason I either lost it with all the cleaning up or I sold it to a dealer.
    I am stll looking for a multiband type of radio like it.

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